The Next Food Network Star: Episode 4

Sorry, folks, I missed Episode 3 on account of being (incredibly) sick. But I am back with some notes on episode 4. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you thought.

The most annoying award goes to Nipa for her eek-ook-aak-squeal over the fish. Get it together, lady. But she didn’t and it cost her — byebye Nipa.

Lisa was a little funky — she did a great job introducing her food, even interjecting (the very real) emotion when mentioning her brother. But that came on the heels of her confessional mention of Gucci shoes and a $300 shirt. I know fashion/food is her hook, but puh-lease! Was that really necessary in the confessional or otherwise?

Shane did well — he’s such a cute kid.

What was with Adam’s goofy entrance? How irritating . . .

Kelsey really made an impression with her two dishes, eh? If I could try just one contestant’s food, that would be it.

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