She Eats!


I should have known that Paige would be gung-ho about eating regular foods . . . after all, I am her mother.

Paige has quickly gone from an immobile infant to a crawling baby. She’s sped from an 100 percent breastfed girl to a breastmilk, baby food and finger foods child. And she’s not showing any signs of slowing down. If this keeps up, she’ll be eating regular dinners with us in no time. Seriously.

I don’t remember Will going from cereal to mushed foods to solids this quickly, but maybe my memory fails . . . it’s certainly possible. I tried to remember a former roommate’s last name yesterday and couldn’t, so I had to ask a good friend who was also one of my roommates. Meanwhile, I can remember in great detail a fight we had about a wrap and a smoothie at like midnight one fall while we were in college . . . go figure.


Anyway, we are quickly on our way to having two kids who regular no special meals . . . which is a huge boon. At least I don’t actually have to cook Paige’s food (thank you Earth’s Best!). But soon, it will be just microscopic food chunks all the time. Yay.



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