Obsessed with Buttercream

| July 8, 2008 | 2 Comments

Ever since my birthday about two weeks ago, I have been mildly obsessed. Okay. Completely obsessed. With what? Buttercream frosting. The name itself just rolls from the tongue in sweet harmony.

It all started with the beautiful marble cake that Shawn bought for me. It had this delicious creamy frosting and was decorated with a firm, rich buttercream that melted in my mouth. I loved it. Loved every part of it. It was so sensuously smooth that it made my tongue dance with glee . . . Except when I went to eat the last sliver of cake, something was missing: the scalloped buttercream edging from the bottom of the cake.

Yes, folks, my last bit of buttercream was stolen out from under me. Surely you can understand my devastation. It’s been all I could think about since then. I’ve been driving Shawn crazy with my musing about the delectable taste of that buttery buttercream . . . Like a jilted lover, it haunted me with conviction and certainty until he finally went and bought a little more for me to enjoy . . .

Oh, the sweet sensation of buttercream on tongue . . .

That’s why when I read this post on Smitten Kitchen about making Swiss buttercream, I just knew . . . I had to do it. I haven’t yet, but it’s coming . . . perhaps even for the birthday Will shares with his grandmother.

In the meantime, I did what any sensible person would do: I sent Shawn back to the store for a little more cake.

Do you have a favorite frosting?

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  1. Viktoria says:

    I am not a fan of frosting at all – too sugary. I like real whipped cream on fruity cakes.

    If I must eat frosting, I guess chocolate will do.

  2. josephine says:

    i am with you on the buttercream. it is delicious. i love frosting i could eat it from the container! amelia just recently tried some at a birthday party and she def has a sweet tooth!

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