Gross Miscalculation

Fruit and Yogurt Sundae
To say we were sweating bullets when we got home from the farmer’s market last Sunday couldn’t be more accurate. It was sweltering. And when it’s that hot, Will doesn’t like to eat (can you blame him?!?).

So, remembering a recent article by Cate O’Malley for 3-A-Day, I whipped up a fruit and yogurt “sundae”. At first he was psyched. Then he tasted the yogurt. Will’s never been a fan of yogurt, but I thought the hearty dose of blueberries — his favorite fruit ever — and the cut up peaches would change his mind.

Uh, not so much. “No Mommy, this doesn’t taste yummy.” It’s something he rarely says . . . he’s a food lover, not a hater, after all. So I was unswayed and insisted he eat. I got him to down five or six bites with some coaxing and then let him go . . .

Then I tried the sundae. . . . Blech, spat, spat!

The yogurt was a new brand we hadn’t had before. Super tart. Totally not us.I couldn’t eat more than a few bites. Will was dead on with his “doesn’t taste yummy,” comment.

Yep, you can send that bad mommy award right here . . . Care of Sarah Caron. Yes, that’s right. I forced my son to eat (gross) yogurt.

I washed the fruit off and let him have it, sans yogurt.

Lesson learned: Should’ve tried it first . . .


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    LOL, too funny. Maybe start him out with a flavored yogurt you know he likes? Or swirl in a bit of honey to vanilla yogurt. Quite the trooper in eating 5 bites first though. :)

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