I Promised You Big News . . .

I promised you big news today . . . well, are you ready for this? I’ve decided to devote more time to my writing and my children, so as of about 4 p.m. today, I am a freelancer again. Yep, I’ve chosen to trade a long commute for a five-second one and my Monday morning planning meetings for choo-choo construction with Will and Paige.

It certainly wasn’t something I came to lightly. But the cost of the commute, daycare, etc, plus a growing freelance business, made me seriously consider if I was better off working at home. You can read all about my decision on SheKnows.

Right now, I am looking to finish up my last project at work and tidy up some freelance work that’s dragged on because I work too much. But as of Monday, I will begin looking for new opportunities to enlarge my business and I am hard at work on a new book proposal (and word has it the first book may indeed may its debut this year as planned. Fingers crossed). If you hear of any opportunities, drop me a line.

More news to come in the coming months. I’ve got some big things going on . . . hope you’ll stick around for the ride.


  1. Vickan says

    Congratulations! It’s always good to stop for a second and really think about what your priorities are and what you really should be doing. Sound like anything you decide to do will be great.


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