Oh, Sunny Day

About that ice cream . . .

Oh, what a mess. A huge, giant mess.

It seemed like such a great idea: Go get ice creams, stroll home, collapse on the lawn and finish them. Except Will’s ice cream had other ideas. It melted like instantly.

Did I get upset? Nah. Why worry? The stroller can be cleaned. So can Will.

Instead, I laughed. We laughed. I never imagined that the ice cream would melt so quickly and I suspect it came as a surprise to Will as well. I may still be picking bits of dried up ice cream from the stroller belt, but it doesn’t matter. The stroller is just an object. No harm, no foul.

See, that’s the thing about parenting. Sometimes you just have to remember: it’s okay just to laugh. And baby, I am still laughing.


  1. Vickan says

    That would freak me out! Ice cream is so sticky and messy, and it think about all those drops that were never eaten!

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