Tasty Mornings: Banana Pancakes

Delicious Banana Pancakes

When I was in the fifth grade, my math teacher was going around the room, asking all the students what they had for breakfast. She got to me and, without missing a beat, I said ‘nothing.’ Her whole lesson was thrown off by that revelation. What? A fifth grader who didn’t eat in the morning? Didn’t I normally have breakfast?

Well, honestly, no. It just wasn’t something I did, and I was okay with that. Occasionally I would have a cold Pop Tart just out of the package. And once in a while, I might have some cereal, but more often than not I eschewed breakfast. So did my mother. Eating in the morning? No thanks.

(My mother is cringing right now, coincidentally. She was mortified that I admitted to not eating in the morning.)

To this day, breakfast is a struggle for me. Cooking and eating is my last thought in the morning. I can barely make a cup of coffee — thank goodness for my Senseo. (Seriously, every busy woman should have one. Particularly moms.) Last year, I chronicled my attempts at learning to actually cook in the am (I went through a long spell where everything burned). I have since mastered scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes and more.

When Cate originally posted these banana pancakes, I thought “What’s the big deal?” (Sorry, Cate!) But when she wrote about them again recently while highlighting a buttermilk pancake recipe on MyRecipes, I was intrigued.

The kids and I ate them last weekend. Then I made them again over the weekend. They are a perfect mixture of moistness, sweetness, and banana flavor. And they cooked up so easily. Total yum.

For the recipe — which you should print out and tape to the inside of a cabinet like Cate did. It’s. That. Good. — go to this page on Sweetnicks.


  1. Vickan says

    I have always had a hard time eating in the morning too. I need to be up for at least an hour before I can force any food down my throat, which is why my evening work schedule works great – breakfast is at 1 or 2 p.m. When I had to get up early for school, I usually only drank a glass of chocolate milk in the morning to get me started, then I would be just hungry enough for 11 a.m. lunch. Some people just don’t have morning stomachs, I think.

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