I Was Present


Dear fellow preschool parents,

Yes, that was me on the first day of preschool this week — the one without the camera. Yes, I know, I was the only one without a camera on the first day of school. But I am okay with that. My camera — the same fancy, professional camera you were using — was in my car. It was a choice I made, not a mistake.

See, I could have brought my camera into the classroom and caught several artful shots of Will interacting with his new classmates. And I could have ducked low and raised up high for the perfect lighting so that the shots could someday be blown up big and adorn our walls. But if I did that, then I wouldn’t have been truly present for Will’s first day.

There will be other events for me to get lost in my mind, seeking just the right angle and lighting. But this was a day I just wanted to be present for.

Will and I have been talking about his first day of school for weeks. He counted down, first two weeks, then one week, then days. Well, this week, Will finally had that first day. And I was completely there.

Besides, it’s not as if I didn’t get any photos of the first day. See the photo up top? That’s Will when he didn’t want to leave school. He’d had so much fun touring the building, playing with the toys and coloring that he wanted to stay longer. Score. And a photo of my school-loving boy not wanting to go home? Priceless.

Don’t worry. Next time our kids have class, I will be shooting like nobody’s business.


The Mom Without A Camera


  1. says

    What a mom you are, with or without photographic equipment.

    That was all Will wanted, for you to be there with him.

    Happy Preschool Days ahead for both of you..

  2. says

    That was lovely. I’m sure Will appreciated you being there. (And wait, soon you will be there in his class, volunteering, and he won’t pay any attention to you!)

  3. says

    Is he already in preschool? How time flies!! That’s awesome that he was having so much fun at school that he refused to leave. Honestly that’s probably the best picture you would have gotten even if you had taken your camera into class!

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