A Great Time for Picnics

For Labor Day weekend, the plan was a fun picnic in the park. We were ready to go. Then the dogs went missing and blew the whole plan out of the water. But last weekend, I was determined not to let it happen again.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. After torrential rains Saturday and overnight, that came as a welcome relief. I prepped the kids for our exciting picnic and packed the cooler: water, ice, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers. Then we hit the farmer’s market for fresh bread. My bread man had these San Francisco sourdough baguettes that looked amazing. Of course, I am usually not a sourdough fan, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Let me just say — Mmmmmm!

One more stop and we were on our way. Before I tell you what that stop was, let me explain. (No, not a little defensive about this one. Not at all.) See, as a kid, my family would get buckets of KFC and take it to either the Roosevelt or Vanderbilt mansion for picnics. So, when I think picnic, I think fried chicken. So, we got that too.

(Next time, I think we’ll take Shawn’s extra crispy homemade fried chicken though . . . KFC isn’t nearly as delicious as I remember it being. If we are going to spend the calories, it better be good!)

So, the kids, the food and I arrived at the field. We set up a big old sheet and unloaded everything. Plates were made and handed out. Paige ate happily off her plate, not dumping it once (which she usually does do) and Will loves eating outside so he was in heaven. It kind of made me wish I’d taken them for a picnic sooner.

To keep our picnic green, I brought cloth napkins, plastic plates and cups and silverware. Thanks to that, we had almost no waste – except for the packaging from KFC.

With the summer nearing an end, this is the perfect time to get out and picnic with your family. Just find an open field and set up an old sheet or blanket to eat on. For foods, salads work well. Sandwiches are a good idea too. Or, be like me and go the fried chicken route. Mmm.

What do you like to eat when you picnic?


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    Adorable picture! And a great-sounding picnic. I love chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches for picnics, and bbq chicken, still slightly warm so it falls apart in your hands. But my favourite picnic of all is fish & chips eaten within sight of the sea.

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    Oh how cute! Sniffle. I remember the days when my babies were that small!!

    Funny . . . we love the Roosevelt and Vanderbilt Mansions!

    Hmmm, picnics . . . chicken salad with red onions, fresh dill, mayo, and toasted slivered almonds on good bread. Red grapes, cheese, olives, hard-boiled eggs, some kind of cookie . . .

    Thanks for sharing your picnic!

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    Sarah, your kids are beautiful! It sounds like such a lovely day. My husband and I have been meaning to take a picnic sometime before winter comes. Last year, we did one picnic – sandwiches (curry chicken salad), fruit (strawberries), and freshly baked cookies. :) Thanks for reminding me that we’ve got to take one this year!

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