Share Your Worst Dinner Ever

Hello, food karma? Is that you? Cause I don’t know what I’ve done to piss you off, but I am really, really sorry and I swear it won’t happen again. Really. It won’t.

I had a great day today. Happy, productive. All the things I like to have in a day.

Then I started dinner.

Have you ever had one of those days where something just isn’t working? Well, that was every dish I tried to make. First, there was the fantastic idea of sauteed Swiss chard with apples … turned out like green applesauce. Ew. Then there was the first attempt at cinnamon chipotle sweet potato fries. Too much chipotle. Too little cinnamon. And why did they shrink up like that?!? Not good at all. Then, there was my failsafe — the preseasoned pork roast. I thought if nothing else, that had to be good. I should have known I was in trouble when the darn package had instructions for chicken instead of pork . . .

So, everything was bad. Every-stinkin’-thing.

Yes, it does happen to me too. It’s like that one time when I had a party and made lemonade, except forgot the -ade … in other words, I left out the sugar. Yea. I make mistakes too. And they are usually pretty bad ones.

So, spill it. What’s your worst kitchen disaster?


  1. says

    Does my mini-story from the recent issue of Rachael Ray’s magazine count? So we came home from a cruise, bags laden with duty-free alcohol. Our house is on the market. No sooner do we walk in the door do I get a phone call that a realtor is on her way over. Where to put all the alcohol? The oven of course! I stuff it all in there and forget all about it. Flash forward a few days later, I’m in the kitchen and start getting food out to begin making dinner. Turn oven on to preheat. Minutes later, I spy a little flame shooting through the cracks of the oven door. Yup, forgot all the alcohol was still in there. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing damaged … except dinner.

  2. says

    This weekend I’m “teaching” my 21 year old brother how to cook in his college apartment…I suspect we’ll have some kitchen disasters there so I’ll be sure to share when I get back!

  3. josephine says

    i was making gingerbread men for the girls at work a couple years ago, i couldnt understand why they werent rising. they just kept going flat and burning to the cookie sheet. i made about 3 batches until i realized i was using confection sugar instead of flour! they look the same! haha by the time i figured it out i was done with baking that night!

  4. says

    Just this past Sunday, I had a kitchen disaster. I was making chicken stock for chicken & dumplings and as I was putting the water in the pot, I thought to myself it might be a bit too much. But did I pour any of the water out? No! I ended up with tasteless stock & had to go out to the market for more chicken & start all over. It’s a good thing I had gotten an early start.

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