The $7 Dinner Challenge: Week 2

| October 21, 2008 | 3 Comments

Last week, I planned and primped and prepared for The $7 Dinner Challenge. Blood, sweat and tears went into that menu. Okay, maybe not blood, but you get the idea. This week? Everything pretty much fell into my lap. Seriously. And I didn’t even think about how inexpensive a meal this was until Cate mentioned that it would fit the bill.

As it would have it, there is a great sale at Shop Rite this week: boneless, skinless chicken is just $1.99 a pack. It’s the bulk package so stock up and separate it to freeze. A FoodSaver is good for chores like this, unless of course yours is broken like mine.

So, anyway, I created this whole dinner for about $6.87. Go me.

Full disclosure: For dessert, I copped out and used a box of Strawberry Gelatin from Jell-O. But it was for a good cause: Jell-O is donating $250,000 or more to Susan G. Komen For the Cure to benefit researchers who are searching for a cure for breast cancer. That is something that I am willing to support.


10 Minute Salsa Chicken
10-Minute Salsa Chicken with Avocado Cream and Rice
Think Pink Strawberry Jello

The Breakdown:

Chicken – 1 lb – $1.99

Salsa – 6 tbsp – $0.30

Cheese – 6 tbsp – $0.50

Avocados – 2 – $1.29 x 2

Rice – $0.50

Jello – $1/box

Total: $6.87

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  1. maris says:

    I’m intrigued by this Foodsaver…when all of you ladies were talking about it at BlogHer, I really had no idea what it was but let me just say, WOW! I need one!

  2. Chris Perrin says:

    Love the avocado cream! What a great idea and your dish looks outstanding.

  3. EB says:

    Well it took me long enough, but I did #2 this past week.

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