Monkey Breakfast, Anyone?

Monkey Breakfast

“Hey, Will, are you hungry?”

“Hungry? Yes, I hungry. What am I going to eat?”

“How about Monkey Breakfast?”

“Monkey Breakfast! Yes! I eat Monkey Breakfast!”

K, so truth be told, I didn’t really know what Monkey Breakfast was before I started making it. It just came to me as I was racking my brain for something new, different, exciting, innovative . . . that’s not too much to ask is it?

As anyone with kids can tell you, sometimes all it takes is a fun name and a different twist on things to get kids excited about eating breakfast.

Why Monkey Breakfast? Because Will is a devoted Curious George fan. Plain and simple. Toss in a few ingredients that he loves and that really go well together and presto! An easy, kid-pleasing meal.

Directions: Take one English muffin, and fork split. Toast. Spread each half with a hearty amount of peanut butter and slice one banana onto the two halves. Serve warm.

Have you made a super easy, but kid pleasing breakfast? Share!

PS This also happens to be a favorite midnight snack for Sweetnicks.


  1. says

    This is my daily breakfast. I was wondering about my sudden propensity to swing from trees! I add flaxseed and sliced almonds to the peanut butter for a little added health and sometimes a drizzle of local honey. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning. Ooo ooo aah aah!! My apologies; I’m a dork.

  2. says

    This is one of my all-time favorite breakfasts. I swap muffins around with sliced whole wheat bread, baguette, waffles, and it always tastes just as good. I call it the “elvis” but if I think he had something else he used to add, no? Besides, I like “monkey” much more!

  3. Becca says

    I stumbled upon your site looking up about melamine. Your pumpkin recipes caught my eye.

    I just wanted to say I too am a fan of peanut butter on whole grain toast with a little drizzle of honey.

    And to ‘My First Kitchen’ I wanted to ask if you’ve ever tried ‘Naturally More’ peanut butter–(less fat, less sugar–what peanut butter should be the label says.)

    I found it at Wal-Mart and it has flaxseed & flaxseed oil in it. No hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Just cane sugar & honey.

    After it’s refrigerated it has the consistency of the peanut butter in a Reece’s cup :-) Delicious- the only drawback is it’s a bit difficult to spread on toast sometimes.

    PS–nectarines or peaches when in season are good in place of banana’s– no honey needed!

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