A Light Breakfast Indulgence

Mom Breakfast

Recently, I’ve discovered a morning meal that throws my notion of “I’m not a breakfast person,” completely on its head. Seriously, I could eat this day in and day out without complaint. It’s just that good.

The idea is simple: Take one half of an English muffin — yes, just one half. We’re trying to get fit for the holidays here. Toast it up. Spread with one ounce of Cambozola cheese — a kitchen scale comes in mighty handy for that. Top with one egg over easy. And drop a dollop of tomato jam on top. Then, savor it with a fork and knife and a good cup of coffee. The smooth, creamy cheese gets all melty and drippy when sandwiched between the egg and English muffin. It’s just divine.

But really, eat it with a fork and a knife — with the runny cheese and runny yolk, it’s a tad messy.

Wait, what’s Cambozola? Let me introduce you to my new favorite cheese. Cambozola is a cross between a creamy Camembert and a decadent Gorgonzola cheese. And it’s absolute perfection.

And don’t worry. Despite the smaller footprint of this dish, it is filling and satisfying. Worth every delicious bite, actually.


  1. says

    Mmm, one of my favorite cheeses. The breakfast sandwich sounds delicious! Another favorite is to make crostini and top it with a little bit of Cambozola and a slice of tomato. Yum.

  2. says

    Lydia, I love your description of it. It definitely does give the feeling of fullness.

    Beth & My First Kitchen, you have to try it! Soo delicious.

    Cate, thanks for introducing me to Cambozola. How could I miss it for this long?!?

    Alice, if you look in the text there is a recipe for a simple open breakfast sandwich. It’s delicious and takes little time to make.

  3. Celeste says

    Uh…YUM?! Runny yokes…so bad but so good! Replace that half muffin with a healthy scoop of quinoa, and you’ll still get that yummy starchy taste, but replace the fit-less-ness…butter it up a bit to, if needs be. 😉 C.

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