The $7 Dinner Challenge, Version 2.0

The $7 Dinner Challenge is now the $10 Dinner Challenge!

After reviewing the results of the recent survey we did on the $7 Dinner Challenge (thanks for joining in!), Cate and I decided to make a few modifications to the rules … to make it a little more user-friendly and hopefully encourage more participation.  Although we know the $7 challenge is definitely doable, we thought expanding the scope a bit might make it better for all. And, if you liked the recipes before, you are going to love what we come up with now with just a little more money.

The challenge will resume next Monday, but in the meantime, here’s the plan:

The Ground Rules:

  • You have $10 to create a complete dinner for four, to include the main course and a serving of vegetables for each person.
  • Cost of items (i.e., bread) can be prorated (total cost of loaf/slices used).
  • Salt, pepper, 1/4 cup oil and 1 tablespoon of herbs are free — no need to count these into the cost total. Every other ingredient must count toward your $10 total.
  • No frozen meals. You actually have to make something (however it can have premade components).
  • You must state where you get your pricing info from, and it must be current to the date posted (as in, if the sale is over, the current price is the one that counts).

I am already dreaming up new ideas for next week’s menu.  Hope to see you here!


  1. says

    I like your challenge. I feed seven to eight at every meal though. I bet some can still beat $10 meals though. I’ll have to pay some serious attention!

  2. says

    Tammy, one of the reasons we chose four as the number of diners is because that tends to make it easier to scale — so, for instance, Maris, who is single, can use the recipes without too much trouble just as easily as you, with 8 can. So glad that you like it! I am definitely going to continue to strive for the least $$ possible. But hopefully the adapted rules will get even more people to join in.

    Maris, I cannot take credit for that. It was all Cate’s idea! (Sorry to single you out in example above 😉 )

  3. EB says

    Oh yay! I’m glad you decided to continue it and I like the $10 figure. I think there’ll be a lot more flexibility while still being nice and cost effective. In the meanwhile I’m going to post my #2 effort tomorrow. :) I’m just a little behind.

  4. says

    Sarah and Cate well done with the new rules. I was happy with the $ total before – but calculating the olive oil and herbs did cause a slight brain explosion . . .

    I will be taking part again, although I’ll probably be a sporadic participant at best.

    But thanks for organising this event – it’s a goodie.

  5. says

    I’m happy about the extra $3 bucks too. I may just give this a try now. My girlfriends and I are getting together on Sat to put together some make ahead meals for 3 families. I wonder what the cost will break down to?


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