Reflections on Christmas 2008


That was Christmas morning. Before Will even looked at the presents, he checked to see if Santa had drank the milk and eaten the cookies that he and I made. He had.

This Christmas was different for me. I relish in Christmas shopping. Hearing carols piped through the mall and hunting for great deals on the gifts I want to buy are among my very favorite parts of the holiday season. But this year? I went to the mall maybe twice and both for short times. I don’t remember hearing carols at all while there. I barely purchased anything in person either.


Paige got the idea of presents and tearing off wrapping paper this year, which made Christmas so much more fun …

That was a good offset to my having to shop differently this year. Rather than hitting the stores, I turned to the internet for much of my shopping because there was tremendous savings – monetarily and financially – to be had by shopping that way. And who can argue with the wisdom of having everything delivered to you? Well, yes, it isn’t the greenest choice, but my car is as tiny as they come. Seriously.

So, in some ways, I missed some of my favorite parts of Christmas this year. Couple that with being busy beyond imagination, and it was just a hard holiday season for me. But for the kids, it was cookie baking, present wrapping, tree decorating and more … everything it should be for them.


On Christmas morning, as they checked out all of their gifts, playing with them one by one, it was all I could ask for.

What this year has taught me is that sometimes you have to let go – let go of the expectations, the self-imposed traditions, the quest to be perfect with perfect wrapping, perfect presents, perfect bows …

I’m not perfect.

Instead, I had some great moments this Christmas season that helped me to grab a break from the intense stress I was under.


Will standing on a chair, helping me bake cookies, was a favorite moment that we repeated several times. He helped me bake the cookies that we delivered to his teachers at school, which helped him connect so much more with the presents.


Paige, who has been coveting Will’s Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids for several months, toddling over to the one with a big bow on it, waiting just for her on Christmas morning and ripping the bow off as only she would was another great moment.

The cheery lights I hung on our bushes outside, before the stress got to be too much, never failed to make me smile. And I loved the very full, but very petite tree that we purchased at what felt like the very, very last moment.

I can’t say that I am sorry Christmas is over this year. When I woke up on December 26, it was like I was breathing for the first time in months. The stress just melted away. But despite everything that I could dwell on, the little happy moments and happy things made it all ok. What really matters is that Will and Paige had a fantastic Christmas.


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  1. says

    Paige looks exactly like Will looked at that age!

    And Will is one handsome little guy now, helping Mom in the kitchen.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas with them ~

  2. says

    Paige is going to look JUST like you when she gets older – she is adorable..and that smile!

    The picture of Will in his little orange apron is just too cute for words. Save that one for his high school yearbook :o)

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