Goodbye, 2008

What a year 2008 has been.

It started with a project to transform my old blog into something that I would be proud to share. With the help of a very capable designer and some prodding from a good friend, I took the plunge and had a fantastic custom design created for Sarah’s Cucina Bella. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that. It was worth every second, every penny, everything.

Over the course of the year, I joined a CSA, created a kick-ass new site for moms with the aforementioned friend, moderated a fantastic food panel at a BlogHer conference with three amazing women, spoke at a public relations conference on pitching to mom bloggers, and – oh – quit my full time job to freelance and be home with my kids.

Yes, my kids. Will turned three this year and started Pre-k – oh my, I have a child in school – and Paige turned one. Where did the time go? My husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary too.

This year, I also landed a great gig writing about parenting for SheKnows and am back to occasionally writing for the New Haven Register. Oh, and I was quoted in several places this year and – more excitingly for me – featured in First Magazine with a special recipe of mine. Yay! (Thanks Christine!!!)

What didn’t happen? My book hasn’t been published yet, due to publisher issues — but more on that next year. I didn’t upgrade my car or my house either. But I did start redecorating, which has been a blast. I’ve also checked a number of things off my 100 things list. (Now, wasn’t that a good segway?)

And so, I leave you with an update to my ongoing list. Have a fantastic night and a very happy New Year. Be safe tonight!

100 Things
(I want to do)

  1. Walk down the red carpet at a movie premiere
  2. Be a best selling author
  3. Publish an adult novel
  4. Publish a children’s novel
  5. Publish non-fiction
  6. Write a recurring column – Accomplished April 2008
  7. Appear on the Today Show
  8. Be recognized
  9. Visit Mayan pyramids
  10. See Italy’s countryside
  11. Eat sushi in Japan
  12. Buy a home in Manhattan
  13. Live in London, England
  14. See Africa
  15. Get my PhD
  16. Get an MFA in Creative Writing
  17. Go to J-school at Columbia
  18. Teach a writing class
  19. Be a professor
  20. Give a commencement address
  21. Sit on a Board of Trustees
  22. Buy a bigger house
  23. Pay for my children’s college education
  24. Be a millionaire
  25. Invest in real estate
  26. Take a road trip with friends
  27. Have lunch with Anna Quindlin
  28. Have a clean house
  29. Learn how to keep a clean house
  30. Be in a movie
  31. Make a difference
  32. Be known
  33. Write a cookbook – Accomplished 2007
  34. Be published in a consumer magazine – Accomplished Oct. 2008
  35. Help others
  36. Move back to New York
  37. Have my own cooking show
  38. Sit on the other side of the interviewing table (as in get interviewed myself) – Accomplished March 2008
  39. Be an editor – Accomplished Sept. 2006
  40. Have a successful freelance career – Accomplished Aug. 2008, sort of.
  41. Learn to enjoy wine – Accomplished 2008
  42. Interview Bobby Flay
  43. Have a column in a major glossy magazine
  44. Buy a beach house
  45. Start activity planning for retirement and contribute to my savings account
  46. Get my cookbook published already
  47. See my friends more often
  48. Learn how to manage my time better
  49. ………………… be continued
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  1. says

    I wish you all the very best in this New Year! Sounds like 2008 was pretty amazing for you and I hope that 2009 is even better *hugs* It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Sarah :)

  2. says

    Hi Sarah,
    Wow! 2008 was pretty good to you. Of course I realize you went out there and did good stuff to make it turn out that way. You go girl!

    My resolution is to do more writing that will bring in some more $$ in ’09. We’ll see…

    May you and your family have a Happy and Healthy 2009 ~

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