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Ahh, the New Year.

I was so happy last night when I finished all my work for 2008 at 6 p.m. All of it. So, we got Chinese food for dinner – our tradition. Then, the pooped out kids went to bed and Shawn and I watched The Pursuit of Happyness. It ended just in time for us to glimpse the dropping of the ubiquitous ball in New York and sip some sparkling wine from Voga at the stroke of midnight. Good times.

What did you do to celebrate the birth of 2009?

Well, since it’s the New Year, I wanted to share my resolutions. I have to admit, I only managed to complete one of my 2008 resolutions. No matter. It’s a new year, right?

I resolve …

  • to see my friends more often – both with the kids and kid-free
  • to work on my organizational skills and budgeting my time
  • to streamline my work
  • to complete and submit my two book proposals within the next month
  • to get published in a glossy magazine
  • to take at least one day off each week
  • to lose 50 pounds
  • to cook and eat healthier foods
  • to workout at least three days per week
  • to make a new friend who lives nearby
  • to develop personal style
  • to pet my dogs more
  • to clean my house once a week
  • to quit using “hey” and “hi” to start emails and go old-school with “dear”
  • to complain less
  • to write here more regularly

What are your resolutions this year?

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  1. says

    It snowed in Boston earlier in the day and it was frigid so we decided to skip slipping and sliding to the party we were invited to where parking would be non-existent and toasted the New Year at home with champagne, food, the TV, noise-makers, made calls to a lot of friends and family and then I got my husband to slowdance with me! (My heart flutters thinking about it.)
    the next day we made it to a Friend’s annual open house. I’m so looking forward to 2009!

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