Vintage Valentines and Vindication


I feel so vindicated.

I’ve moved at least a half dozen times between three states over the past 12 years between dorms and houses. And with me, that whole time, I moved a half-used box of Dr. Seuss valentines. They weighed next to nothing and were easily shoved into the bottom of desk drawers and organizers. I swore I would use them some day. For what, I wasn’t sure, but I just knew I would use them someday.

Peter Walsh wouldn’t be so happy with that reasoning, but this week I proved that I really can use some of the stuff I have dragged from home to home … not that it means that I will ever do something so silly again though. Still, I feel totally vindicated.

Yes. That’s right. I actually used my more than 10-year-old valentines. We’ll just say they are vintage.

Actually, more accurately, Will used them for his classmates at school. I was getting ready to run to the store for valentine supplies for his party at school when I remembered this small package tucked into a drawer in my office. I located it and found that it had the perfect number of cards left, along with cute, shiny red heart stickers (no doubt, also circa 1997).

Now, the cards that I bought as a silly 16 or 17 year old, I have used as a mom … an adult. Will loved the fact that they were Dr. Seuss characters — he loves his Seuss, especially The Cat in the Hat.

You don’t think I am a pack rat, do you?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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