Fertile Fridays: Up, Up and Away!


Rain, rain, rain. Sun. Rain, rain, rain. Sun. That’s been the weather pattern here for the majority of the last week or so. And what does weather like that mean for the foliage? It means lots of growth (yay!) and lots of very tall weeds (boo!). If the weather can hold off for long enough, this weekend will be all about extracting the weeds from the garden. I can’t have a space this pretty with this much … unprettiness.


Meanwhile, the broccoli has really spring up. I am waiting, impatiently, to see the beginnings of the familiar broccoli shape. The red cabbage, which isn’t looking as red as I anticipated, is really getting big too.


In the third box, the spinach isn’t looking so good and I wonder if it will really survive. But the Brussels sprouts and pepper plant are looking strong and hearty. The fourth box is still waiting for its planting, so there is nothing to see there. We will get some tomatoes in shortly.


Meanwhile, the apple trees have sprung some beautiful leaves. I can’t wait to see if they produce fruit this year. I am not expecting much, but it would excite Will so much if they did. This week Shawn wants to put some stakes in the ground to steady the still small trees.


Over in the other garden, the blueberry bushes are showing promise of a big harvest this summer. I need to get some protection around them though — and soon — to keep all the predators from eating the buds that will soon be blueberries … Mother Nature permitting.


We have a few flowering plants in the garden, but are really waiting for the lilacs to bloom. Soon. Soon.

What’s going on in your garden?


  1. says

    You’ve got quite the garden going – jealous! This week, we’re working on moving some of the starters into bigger pots and planting basil. Love fresh basil!

  2. Josephine says

    our blueberry bush is also doing great. our onions, and raspberry plants are starting to look good too. and this is the first year out of the 3 we had it, our apple tree is flowering! yay!everything else we are still waiting to see if it comes back from last year.

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