Fertile Fridays: Sweet Success

| May 23, 2009 | 2 Comments


As someone who hasn’t had much luck in the past with gardening, I am constantly amazed and wowed when I look out my office window. Greeted with a large ball of catmint, yellow and fuchsia (when I tried to think of the word for the color, all I could think was magenta … I think it technically is) flowers and blossoming lilacs, it’s not only beautiful,  but it makes me feel accomplished. I did that. Those flowers out there are blooming because of me.


We didn’t really do much in the way of new plantings this week, instead getting some much-needed weeding done. Will however  did plant his flowers, little blue perennials that are a pretty addition to the garden. I love how they mound slightly.


The lilacs are finally – finally – bursting into blooms. I can’t wait to cut a few and situate them around the house.


Over in the vegetable garden, the broccoli has doubled in size. It won’t be long before we are serving that up with dinner.


The red cabbage is looking rather large, but not folding into a ball just yet. Soon.


This weekend, we are putting some untreated, un-dyed mulch on the vegetable garden to help keep more moisture in the soil and also keep the weeds at bay. I am hoping for good results. I am also planning to plant one more tomato in the tomato box, and also pick up a few large barrels for additional plantings.  We’ve been tossing around ideas for a fence, but I am not quite ready to commit yet.

What’s happening in your garden?

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  1. Liz says:

    “As someone who hasn’t had much luck in the past with gardening, I am constantly amazed and wowed when I look out my office window.”

    I can completely relate! I am definitely not known for my green thumb, but this year I’m trying my hand at it again with a few pots on the deck of my apartment. I’m finding it really addictive and am filling up the space very quickly as I keep adding more pots! It’s so rewarding to look out my sliding doors and see such beautiful flowers.

    Your beds are gorgeous!

  2. The lilacs are especially gorgeous! Here, the radishes are coming along nicely and plans for a rain barrel are underway.

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