Fertile Fridays: First Harvest


We’ve been sort of counting down until we could happily pluck the fresh heads of broccoli from our garden … today, we did just that — while making dinner. There was something amazing about running outside, plucking a few of the heads and then washing and preparing it. The broccoli literally went from garden plot to plate in 30 minutes. (I will share the recipe for the Broccoli Rice with Lemon Herb Vinaigrette that I made with it in a few days.)


Meanwhile the catmint has sprouted some vibrant and beautiful purple flowers. Last year, I planted it in the garden late into the season and it didn’t do much. But this year, it’s big and beautiful.


The blueberry bushes have … blueberries! They aren’t ripe yet but in about a month they should be. I can hardly wait — it looks like we are going to have an awesome first harvest.


The one unfortunately thing to befall the garden this week was the arrival of cabbage worms, which ate some of the red cabbage. No worries though, I am confident that (since removing the offensive worms) it will progress as expected. I certainly hope that will be the case …


And finally, my tomatoes have grown tremendously. There are buds appearing already as well … so I am hoping for a good and early harvest of some delish tomatoes.


  1. says

    So jealous of your blueberry bush! We made pesto tonight with fresh basil from the garden – yum. Hitting two farmer’s markets tomorrow – can’t wait to load up.

  2. Josephine says

    Our Apple tree has about 8 apples starting to grow. they are about the size of a marble maybe even a tiny bit bigger than a marble. We have had this apple tree for 3 years and this is the first year we have had anything but green leaves on it!

  3. says

    Cate, I am so jealous! Farmers Markets aren’t open here yet … one was rumored to be opening today but no dice. I am counting the days until it does open though!

    Josephine, that’s awesome! I am a little worried about our apple trees — they aren’t looking so hot right now. We definitely won’t be getting any apples this year, but I would like the trees to be healthy at least!

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