Extra Easy Cheese Croutons


Today started out as one of those ethereal days where the sky is impossibly blue and the clouds are a fluffy jungle kingdom. You just want to be outside on a day like today, and we made sure to spend a lot of time outdoors.

The kids and I rose later than usual, which is a treat for any mom, but particularly one who rises at the crack of dawn most days … and then we made our way through baths and bananas (they each have one almost every morning). Then we were off with a purpose: to find out if one of the local farmers markets would be opening today … the answer was no. But we are now just a few weeks away from the opening of another local farmers market, so I guess we will just hang tight for a little longer. But, I must admit, I was really hoping to score some garlic scapes, which have an impossibly short season.

After that, we headed off for an on-the-go breakfast and then settled in at a local recreation area for a long walk and rolling picnic, which is becoming a very fun habit for us. The kids and I pack up food in small portions and head to this park. They settle into the double stroller and eat — sometimes it’s lunch, sometimes a snack and today it was breakfast. While they eat, I walk, pushing them over hills and through meadows and across this fantastic area. It’s a lot of fun.

This afternoon, I harvested some of our spinach for a salad and some rosemary too. To go with the salad (spinach, strawberries and blue cheese), I made (in five minutes — seriously — including prep) some quick, tasty croutons using a leftover hard roll. Not only does it use up a roll that might otherwise have been left to rot, but these little delicately crunchy bread bits are OMG good.

How was your Sunday?

Extra Easy Cheese Croutons

These are exceptionally easy to make. My oven has a toast setting that I make them with, however if you don’t have that, you could make them using the broiler setting but you must watch them very closely to prevent them from burning — it will only take a few minutes. Whatever you do, do not preheat the oven.

1 hard roll
olive oil
salt and pepper
hard cheese for grating (such as Romano or Parmesan; Asiago works great too)

Cut the hard roll into large chunks (about 1″ x1″ x 1/2″). Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Spread onto a rimmed baking sheet and grate cheese onto the bread.

Place in the oven and set to toast (alternatively you can use the broiler setting — but you MUST watch them for the entire 2-5 minutes). Toast until golden — 2-5 minutes.


  1. Virtual Frolic says

    You guys have the BEST life! The walks in the park sound perfect!! Exercise and fun with the kids!


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