Fertile Fridays: Broccoli Flowers?

| June 12, 2009 | 3 Comments


We harvested and ate most of the broccoli. But, being novices, we failed to harvest this head in time. Did you ever wonder what happens to broccoli left to grow too long? It becomes a beautiful mass of yellow flowers … who knew?


I also trimmed away some of the larger leaves on the spinach plant (foreground), which we happily ate in a salad. What happened to the spinach? It grew much, much, much larger this week. I cannot wait to harvest some more. I am still waiting to see the Brussels sprouts start to grow.


Although the pepper plant remains rather small, it’s sporting lots of buds that will soon turn to peppers. I am curious to see how it grows since it’s been the most reluctant to rise.


Our newest plant in the garden is the bean plant pictured above. Will grew it in his classroom at school and brought it home about two weeks ago. We got it in the ground last Friday and it’s taken very well to its new home. I hope it makes him proud of his growing skills.


This patch might not look like a lot now, but it’s where Will planted his pumpkin patch. I am hopeful that we will see some good growth soon. He’s so excited and tells anyone who will listen about how we planted a pumpkin patch in our backyard.


The tomatoes are truly thriving. I cannot wait to pick our first juicy, ripe, homegrown ‘matoes. Mmmm.


The catmint is growing like crazy … I am going to have to transplant the smaller plant nestled next to it before it drowns it out completely.


I know, it’s been a shockingly quiet week here on the blog. Quite honestly, it was a tough week for me and I just needed a little time to process things. Rest assured though, everyone is okay and we are headed off this weekend to a happy family celebration. My brother-in-law is getting married tomorrow to a beautiful young woman … and we wish them all the best.

We’ll be back to food, family and happy stories on Monday. Until then, have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Amanda Nicole says:

    I am very envious of your garden! And I hope you have a wonderful time away.

  2. Your garden is well ahead of mine. Here in RI we’ve had so much rain, and so little sun, that my herbs and even my lone tomato plant look like miniatures.

  3. Viktoria says:

    Pretty broccoli flowers! I had no idea!

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