Wanted: My Next Writing Gig

See those babies? They are the reason I left my full time job last year to work from home as a full-time freelance writer. And now you (or someone you know) has the chance to hire me!

A recent long-term writing contract is coming to an end and I have empty freelancing spots to fill – get ’em while they’re hot! I am a freelance writer with experience writing about technology, parenting, pregnancy, food, politics and more.  I’m an expert at meeting deadlines and am extremely reliable.

Interested? Drop me a line at sarahATsarahscucinabella.com.


  1. says

    I am keeping my eyes peeled. Too bad risotto doesn’t keep too well – if you sent a bit with any pitches, I’d bet you would get them. :) Yes, I am slightly obsessed with the risotto.

  2. says

    My house cleaner is a lawyer who left a firm to build her own small practice from home, so she could spend more time with her kids. I’m keeping a good thought for you and other work-from-home mothers who make it all happen with sacrifice, flexibility and faith!

  3. vicky says

    I wish you good luck and I hope it works out for your.

    there is a website someone forwarded to me but I haven’t had a chance to look at it called hiremymom.com


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