Fertile Fridays: Raining Again?


It felt like rain threatened to come all day. The grey clouds hung around like unwanted party guests who don’t know when to leave. And just when it was clear that they overstayed their welcome, it rained. In fact, it’s still raining now.

No matter. I have something exciting to show you.


See that? Pumpkin blossoms! Will’s pumpkin seeds, which he carefully planted, are quickly growing into firm, solid vines with fruits developing on them. I haven’t pointed them out to Will yet, but I think I will tomorrow. I can’t wait to see his reaction. I am pretty excited myself for having this much success growing something from seed. It’s really a first for me.


Meanwhile, my tomatoes are growing out of control. Love it. I had to grab some twine and borrow a bamboo pole to anchor them today, since the plants have grown so tall. The few tomatoes we’ve eaten have been sweet and scrumptious. I can’t wait for more.


Over yonder, the pepper plant is producing quite a few lovely peppers as well. We had one last week in a pasta and it was tasty, for sure.


And did I mention that Will and I pulled the broccoli? It had bolted and was making it clear that there would be no more heads this year, so I yanked it all and we’ve planted carrots there. The little growth you see is one just beginning to poke it’s head through the mulch.

What’s going on in your garden this week?

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