Fertile Fridays: Pumpkins on the Run


Oh my. Apparently, the  pumpkins really like the sunshine and occasionally bouts of heavy rain. In the past week, the leaves have gone from what I thought was a good size to enormous and they have extended vine fingers into my lawn … with curly-ques that are wrapping around whatever they can reach. It’s sort of like Little Shop of Horrors, without the creepy talking plant.


Meanwhile, I picked a handful of ripe sungold tomatoes today and saw several more that will ripen in a few days time. The New Girls are stubbornly green still. So much for being an “early” tomato.


I also harvested three of the green peppers, which I am going to chop and use very soon.


The Brussels sprouts are growing, growing, growing. Of the three stalks I planted, one is quickly developing lovely sprouts and the other two are coming at varying paces. I guess that means three Brussels sprouts harvests for me. Yay!

Strangely though, the carrots … which had shown early signs of growing, have all but disappeared. I am not sure how long I will wait before replanting, but that does seem like the only sensible thing to do if the carrots don’t sprout soon.


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    The weather seems to have prompted everything to wake up out of a stupor and get going here too. Your Brussels sprouts, they look great, and so quickly too. One of my fav veg. Odd on the carrots. I didn’t plant any earlier, but was thinking of trying a bit as a fall/late fall crop if there is still time to ge them in the ground.

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