Fertile Fridays: Thank Goodness for Rain


Earlier this summer, rain punctuated each day. We were in a state of constant gray, which was anything but fun. These past few weeks have been quite the opposite — A string of hot, unyielding humidity and anything by rain. The plants have been drooping and sagging under the heat of the sun. It’s like you can never win. (Above: My basil bolted a few weeks ago … I don’t think it’s coming back this year.)


The thing about gardening is that it takes a tremendous amount of patience … I am not the most patient of people. But I have waited and waited for this red cabbage to grow big enough to eat … it’s finally there.


And the pumpkins? Well, there is no stopping them. Let’s just hope they grow … actual pumpkins.


  1. says

    I saw the first picture and immediately thought: Oh, there’s my basil! Literally, looks exactly the same. I haven’t pulled it yet, but this weekend is likely to be the time. The heat these past 2 weeks really did it in, I think. (I kept hoping for a while) Are you leaving yours in the ground or pulling it?

    Patience, ah yes. Not one of my strongest traits either. And waiting for pumpkins, that’s truly a long time to wait. The colors are pretty in the meantime though :-)

  2. Josephine says

    we didnt do pumpkins this year,but last year we did and one survived! one cute little mini pumpkin just perfect toddler size for Amelia! unfortunatly the groundhogs seem to have loved the leaves from the pumkins. We will def give it a try next year!

    Our apple tree is amazing we have 5 baseball size apples growing cant wait till they are red and ready to pick!

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