Simplicity: A Caprese Salad


Sometimes, things don’t need to be complicated to be fantastic. A peach, pealed and sliced. An apple dipped in honey. A slice of bread spread with a thin layer of hummus.

Or, in this case, a simple salad. Sungold cherry tomatoes, tiny balls of fresh mozzarella, freshly torn basil, a swig of olive oil and a sprinkle of kosher salt (I was all out of sea salt). It’s simple as can be and takes just a few moments to pull together … and yet, this is something that the kids and I just devour.

Sometimes, simplicity really is the best thing.

What’s your favorite simple dish?


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    Yum, I adore simple foods…the flavors that can hold their own or a few simple ingredients that compliment each other. Not sure what my absolute favorite is…but Caprese Salad is definitely one of them. :)

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some great recipes on here that I can’t wait to sort through.

    Caprese salad is definitely one of those simpler things in life that just constantly hits the spot. It is a “memory food” for me since my mom always used to make a caprese-based appetizer. It also never fails to remind me of summer, which is always a good thing.


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