Fertile Friday: Back Again

Say hello to my little friend …


Oh, yes, we finally have pumpkins. Quite a few in fact. So I am cautiously (after this season of rain, rain, rain, blight, heat, heat, heat, who wouldn’t be?) optimistic that we may actually get to harvest some pumpkins this season. Here’s to hoping.


Speaking of blight … I never actually pulled my tomatoes. I planned to, but didn’t get around to it. Then I heard that do to the late onset for my plants, I might skirt the issue. So, although these don’t look as vibrant and healthy as I would like, I did pick quite a bunch of sungold tomatoes this afternoon. Yum. I think this might be our favorite variety for munching.


And finally, the Brussels sprouts. I could probably pick and eat them now, but I am waiting just a bit longer — I like mine plump. And oooh, I just cannot wait.

So, how is your garden?


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    Oh, the Brussels sprouts are so tempting! One of my fav veg, just roasted with a bit of olive oil in the oven…. yum. Good luck with your pumpkins. Hopefully we have a nice long fall with moderate (but not cold) weather to extend the season.

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    I saw the first pumpkins of the season at Whole Foods this weekend and jumped up and down multiple times in the middle of the store. It was good I did because Whole Foods is usually packed and that forced people to stay away from me. Hee hee.

    Good luck with all of your veggies but especially the pumpkin. It’s one of my favorites!

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