Weekend in Cape Cod

On Friday, not long after hitting publish on previous blog post here, I loaded the kids into my trusty little Civic and headed to Cape Cod for the weekend. It was dark and rainy, but the drive was pretty easy and peaceful. And when we arrived, just after midnight, we were greeted by two of my wonderful friends who helped me to quickly unload the car and put the kids to bed.

Cranberries on the CapeIt was a weekend that we had talked about for more than a month, sending links back and forth and brainstorming about things to see. High on the list was visiting a cranberry bog, which unfortunately didn’t happen. But we did score three pounds each of some freshly picked cranberries. Sweet! I cannot wait to get cooking with them. I have many great things planned …

Will meets pig

Ballooons!Missing the cranberry bog wasn’t for lack of trying … we did what we could. We dropped in on an annual cranberry festival, where we ate some dried cranberries and scooted around a barn filled with people and vendors. It wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. But the kids were pleased since they scored some balloons and got to meet a friendly pig.

We checked out a fake lighthouse at the fair grounds and a real one at a beach. We ate fried clams and delicious brownies. We went to a small museum, ate in a small local diner that I have been to dozens of times )but didn’t totally realize that until we were mid-meal) and managed to hit the better part of the cape. It was a total blast.

Many good things can be said about good food and good company … and we were blessed with both this past weekend.

Click through to see more photos from our trip.

Will and Paige on the beach

A real lighthouse

Cape Cod Maritime Museum

A ship


Will with kite

Playing on the sandbar

In the grass ...

Best brownies eva

Oh, those brownies

What did you do this weekend?


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