Spooky Cheese Ghosts


“Mommy, what’s this?” Will asked me when he sat down to dinner and saw two spooky ghosts on his plate. I could see him thinking hard as he studied the white apparitions.  “Are they ghosts?”

Yes, indeed, they were ghosts.

I fashioned these ghosts from mozzerella cheese sliced from a block and slices kalamata olives. When I originally made these, I fastened the eyes with a dab of cream cheese, but I skipped that step this time. It’s nice to have everything stuck together, but it isn’t always necessary.

What I love most about these adorable ghosts? The flavors. Salty, brined olives are a fantastic contrast to the smooth, creamy cheese.  Cute is great, but cute and tasty is even better. Seriously. Will must have thought so too, because he gobbled them right up.

I love Halloween.

Check out the directions for this and another freakish (and yummy!) Halloween treat on my latest post at the Mott’s More to the Core blog.


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