Happy Halloween!

halloween0901Last year, I was the mom who didn’t. I didn’t make it to school events on time. I didn’t remember when gym day was. I didn’t send in trinkets for holidays (a lot of parents do in our school). It was a big round of didn’ts. And it felt like no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get into the swing of school. It was a constant sense of missing something.

But this year is different. This year I vowed to be the mom who does. And so far, I am doing pretty well at it.

Sure, I might have packed these treat bags up while the kids ate lunch a mere 30 minutes before school today. But I still did it. And I was really happy with the results. Inside are some simple kid toys.

Most of all though, I loved the treat bags themselves. As I’ve mentioned, I adore Halloween … haunted houses, scary movies, the macabre. I love it all. So the creepy house on these cellophane bags? I just couldn’t resist. Total love.

So, tomorrow, Will will dress up as an adorable pirate and Paige as a pretty princess. Me? I’m going as a snazzy wicked witch. I cannot wait …

Do you dress up for Halloween? What will you (and your kids!) be this year?


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    Happy Halloween to you and your family :-) I am not planning on doing anything in particular – plus I’ve had a nasty cough (and I mean nasty) for the past 3 weeks that leaves me drained and not fit for human company 😉
    But enough of that. Halloween is a fun holiday, and I’m excited to see what my neighborhood does for it.

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