Turkey, Fontina and Pancetta Pita Sandwich Recipe


On busy workdays, I am a huge fan of quick and easy dinners. A sandwich like this totally fits the bill. Sure, you have to cook the turkey and pancetta, but it only takes minutes and then you are seated and eating. It doesn’t get much better in terms of time.

Now, honestly, Shawn isn’t that fond of sandwiches for dinner. But with the flavor combination here — and the fact that it really does fill you — he is willing to make an exception. The kids? They adore it.

The sandwich balances the creamy fontina cheese, salty pancetta and slightly sweet turkey … it’s an awesome combination. If you are like me and crave veggies, add a little lettuce and tomato to the pocket too. According to Shawn, the one thing that could make this better would be to serve it on a soft, freshly baked roll. I like the pita, personally.

Do you do sandwiches for dinner?

Turkey, Fontina and Pancetta Pita
serves 4

1 tbsp butter
1 lb turkey cutlets
Hungarian sweet paprika
Kosher salt
freshly ground better
1/4 lb thinly sliced pancetta (available in the grocer’s deli)
2 round pitas, sliced in half
4 1-ounce slices of fontina cheese

Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Rinse the turkey cutlets under cool water and then sprinkle liberally with paprika, salt and pepper on both sides. Place the cutlets in the skillet. Cook, flipping once, until completely cooked through (about 8-10 minutes total).

In a second large skillet, brown the pancetta slices on both sides until crisp (they will crisp more upon standing). Remove to a paper towel-lined plate.

Now, build the sandwiches. Fill each pita with one turkey cutlet, 1/4 of the crisp pancetta and 1 1-ounce slice of fontina. Serve immediately.


  1. zoe p. says

    Maybe because we have no kids, but we’re more likely to put these same sort of ingredients on top of a salad, and call it dinner. It does sound like a nice combo!


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