5 Healthy Things For Your Family To Do This Weekend

Fruit and Yogurt SundaeIf you made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier this year, now is a critical time … or so says the barrage of emails I have been receiving. Apparently, this is the time when people start abandoning those healthy vows and going back to their old ways.

I haven’t given up yet. Have you? I’ve been focusing on improving my diet and upping my exercise and it’s paying off. I’m down several pounds, my clothes are fitting better and I am feeling great. Exercise makes me feel so good.

What are your plans for the weekend? The kids and I have an active weekend planned. I can’t wait to get it started.

But first, here are 5 healthy things that you and your family can do this weekend …

  1. Learn more about the Ten in 10 Challenge. Check out my Tablespoon interview with Lori Lange, who created the Ten in 10 Challenge, a movement to focus on getting healthy in the first 10 weeks of 2010.
  2. Get your kids moving this winter! Don’t stress, just get prepared. For help, check out my recent SheKnows articles: 10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids and 3 Indoor Games to Get Kids Moving.
  3. Check out some new-to-you healthy cooking blogs. Recent discoveries for me? Family Fresh Cooking, Good (Cheap) Eats and Fab Frugal Food.
  4. Try something new and healthy! I did this week — Quinoa hit our table for the first (and second and third …) time. I’m also hearing good things about bulgar. That might be next.
  5. Sleep more. Yes, you read that right. Sleep is really, really good for you. Benefits include fewer colds, trimmer waistlines and a reduced risk of heart disease. Some big time editors are even trying a 2010 Sleep Challenge.


  1. says

    Love your blog! Thanks for the link – We are blog-mates of yours: family, food and love FOREVER! we will list your blog on our blogroll!

  2. says

    Thanks for the tips! Those all sound very healthy and good for us. Always thinking of more ways to keep my family healthy, excited, and connected. :)Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks, Chris! Keeping your fam healthy, excited and connected is a great goal!

      Maria, thanks! Your frittata sounds delish!

      Carol, I saw your comment on The Perfect Pantry, thanks! I had no idea that Fluff was from Lynn, Mass. And small world, a friend of mine is originally from your area!

      FabFrugalFood, I love your site! Thanks!!

      Donna, thanks for the comment and for listing me on your blogroll. I need to add one back into my sidebar …

      Sook, I have been on such a healthy cooking bend this year (desserts made for work and with my son aside …). I feel so much better because of it too.

  3. Emily says

    Thank you for your Healthy tips that you have shared very much appreciated actually.. 2010 Sleep challenge sounds great. Thank you once again for this post!

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