My Spending Diet: Week Five

Sometimes you stumble. Sometimes you fall. This week was all about stumbling and falling in My Spending Diet. As I mentioned last week, it was the first time where my kids had to do the big weekly shop with me. It turned out to be harder (on me) than I anticipated. Add in an intensely busy workweek and an otherwise crazy schedule, and I just was off. Really, really off.

First, as a reminder:

The Plan: No spending from Saturday until the following Saturday. Cash in wallet can only be used in a true emergency.

What Happened: On Saturday, the kids and I hit two stores and got most of the stuff we needed. I had trouble finding the pork shoulder that was to comprise two of this weeks meals. In the end, I didn’t end up buying quite everything we needed on Saturday.

On Tuesday, after consulting with Twitter experts, I discovered that pork butt could be used (apparently, the butt can be part of the shoulder … in a pig, at least) and I knew where to find that. We never found the taco shells I wanted for Friday’s dinner (it’s hard to locate ones without those partially hydrogenated ingredients that I avoid). But that’s okay, because we ended up ordering pizza last night.

While I didn’t go overboard with spending, I did not limit spending to Saturday as I have in previous weeks. And due to an event tomorrow, I will be hitting up the grocery store for some supplies tonight too.

As far as My Spending Diet goes, I was totally off the wagon this week.

Spending: My spending remained down this week. Coupons helped keep costs to a minimum, but I feel like I have less of a handle on my spending since I didn’t limit it as I have in previous weeks.

What’s Next: My Saturday shop will be on Sunday this week. It’s also spring break for us this week. Rather than stressing myself out about adhering strictly to the rules, I am going to lighten up this week and budget for some fun. Also, my focus is shifting: I just want to spend less … so next Friday may focus more on cost-cutting measures.

Cost Cutting for This Week: I plan to use coupons again this week to cut costs and also shop the sale fliers. I want to focus our meals on more inexpensive options, while keeping with our passion for good food. It can be done. For activities, I am going to look into free options but not limit us to them. After all, I want my kids to enjoy life and sometimes really fun things do cost money.

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  1. Viktoria says

    You are so ambitious. I find it too stressful to use coupons and I even shop without a membership/discount card in a lot of stores while I try to look at the comparative prices of things. (At the register I just smile when they ask me for my card and I say “oh, I don’t have it with me today”)

    I end up shopping Walmart a lot because it’s close and they are open late – most stores I used to like to go to now close at 9 p.m. while Walmart has extended its hours till midnight. What’s up with that?

    The problem is I convince myself Walmart is cheaper so I buy more stuff instead and end up with lots of crap I don’t need (chips, cookies…) and they never sell fruits and veggies, so that still drives me to the regular stores…

    It’s so tough being a grown-up! I want someone else to shop and cook for me again!

  2. says

    I love that you’re doing this. I gave up spending extra money for Lent one year, and it was really eye opening. Since then, I occasionally have to go on “mini-fasts” to reel things in when I get too Starbucks-happy, but it’s amazing what a pivotal point that was. As for groceries and weekly management, I definitely shop with the circulars and shop for a whole week at once. I love it because it really cuts down on my running around during the week, and I can look forward to certain dishes and plan in a variety of foods. I also find that I eat more veggies and fruits when I stock up and plan to eat them. I also do give myself an allowance that is kept in cash. Once I’m out, I’m out!


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