Making Caramel Corn (An Easy Nut-Free Recipe)

Caramel Corn

When I wrote that I was making Caramel Corn today on the Sarah’s Cucina Bella Facebook Fan Page, I didn’t expect the huge response that I got. Really, I didn’t. New voices chimed in to inquire about the recipe and share their experiences and likes … it was absolutely awesome.

So, I scraped plans to write about something else and instead decided to just share this recipe today. It’s adapted from a recipe a found on Tablespoon (where, in full disclosure, I write for the TBSPblog). I made some small changes, such as removing the nuts from the recipe and adding a little more salt … and it was fantastic.

It was also … and I fear that I say this too much … so incredibly easy. It’s so easy, and so much better than the store-bought stuff, that I will never buy it again. Seriously. Totally worth it.

Are you a caramel corn fan?

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