Grilled Sausage Lasagna Recipe


Yesterday was a day filled with sandcastles, swimming and laughter. The kids and I spent nearly all day at the beach (don’t worry, we remembered the sunscreen!). We paused for a fast lunch, but otherwise we could be found splashing in the water, playing in the sand and generally having a good time. When I brought Paige home at 4ish, she collapsed into bed for a long, long nap. That’s the sign of a good day.

It nice on days like yesterday to have an arsenal of ready-to-go dishes that won’t heat up the kitchen. These little single serve lasagnas are just that. Make them and freeze them when you have time, and then you can just whip them out to defrost. When it’s time to cook, they grill up in just 10 minutes.

And don’t worry — just because these are fast and easy to cook, you aren’t losing on flavor. These deliver big-time with that familiar meaty goodness.

They are also a cinch to prepare. You layer cooked lasagna noodles in a mini loaf pan with ricotta, sausage and marinara and then top them off with fresh mozzarella. The result is a delicious, satisying pasta dish that goes perfectly with a big tossed salad.

(Psst! Check back tomorrow for a vegetarian version.)

What have you been grilling lately?

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