Thoughts on Turning 30

Dear Readers, Cooking with Kids will return next Monday with a great new dessert recipe that we’ve been working on. Also, this week we are back to five days-per-week posting. Hope your summer is off to a great start! – Sarah

Happy birthday to me!

This past weekend, I celebrated my 30th birthday. Wow. It’s unbelievable to write or say those words. I remember when my mom turned 30 and we showered her with “Over the Hill” gear and balloons … she took it with grace. Me? I wouldn’t have. Thank goodness no one did that.

While I have long been a “age is just a number” kind of person, turning 30 is a really big deal for me. I’m not in my 20s anymore (well, duh!). I am one year from my 10th reunion for college (and no closer to that graduate degree that I dream about than I was a year or five years ago). It makes me catch my breath a little.

Many friends, who are a little older and wiser, have offered up little pearls of wisdom, trying to make me see that this birthday — this change in number — is as good as any other. They tell me that 30 was their best year, and that the 30s are easier since you aren’t floundering trying to find your direction. When you are 30, you are more established and not fighting as much to be taken seriously.

But 30 … it’s such a number. I am farther from childhood now. That frightens me.

Still, I am the same person I was a few days ago. All that’s changed is my age. And maybe being 30 is a good thing …

If nothing else, the past year has been an amazing transformation. One year ago, I was so stressed out. My biggest freelance writing client had just laid me off and I was looking for a new gig – fast. That stress left me worried, anxious and barely able to enjoy anything. Meanwhile, my car was being repaired from a car accident on the last day of school (oh, what an ordeal!). And it rained nearly every day that month, making the summer of 2009 a year without tomatoes for my area. Still, I vowed to make 29 a good year, and I did.

In the past year, I have been blessed with wonderful clients and great writing assignments, all while watching my kids grow and mature (knock on wood for that!). They are so smart, so sweet and so wonderful. We’ve traveled around the northeast and had so many wonderful experiences. It’s been a good year. And my 20s? They were awesome. And as my friends often remind me, I accomplished a lot.

As I enter my 30s, I can say that I am happier and more secure and confident than ever … and it feels good. So, here I go. I’m 30.

Tomorrow – A fab Citrus-Black Bean Salad with Two Peppers.


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    Happy Birthday Sarah! My 30th birthday is right around the corner so I know exactly how you feel! Let’s make 30 great!

    Happy Birthday again!

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    Well, Facebook failed to alert me that it was your birthday. The nerve!!

    Happy Birthday, hope it’s a great one and here’s to 30 being a great year. I’ll be there too, before you know it, so save me a seat at the big kids table 😉

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