Frugal Fridays: Free Smoothies and Getting Back into the Swing

Happy Weekend! We have big plans for pickling cukes from the garden and picking tons of berries this weekend … what about you? But before we shove off to have fun, here’s how things went this week … and how you can save.

My Spending Diet: Sigh. After weeks of not reporting my progress, it was a change to be so focused on what I was doing (spending-wise) this week. In a few circumstances, I had to force myself to pay cash, but I did it. In the end, the results weren’t terrible.

My spending this week was ok … but I didn’t totally stick to the plan. Gas went onto my debit card because it was easier than running in to pay (especially with the kids in the car). But overall, I kept very close to my $200/week spending limit.

Next week, I am going to focus on eating from our fridge since we really need to clear some space for the food we’re putting up. We’ve already got freezer pickles, pesto and grated zucchini in there.

This Week’s Tips, Tricks and Deals

  • Free Smoothies! McDonald’s recently introduced two smoothies into their lineup and they want you to try them. So, between July 22-24, get a free sample of the flavors and see what you think. UPDATE: This promo has been canceled. There is also a $1 off coupon for the smoothies and McDonald’s Frappes available on their website too.
  • Sign Up! Have you heard of Daily Worth? It’s a free personal finance newsletter for women that goes out daily with great tips and information. Always a good read.
  • Go to the Museums. This weekend, Target is sponsoring the Arts + Wonder event at select museums and performing arts institutions around the country. Families get free or reduced admission to the 2,200 events and 120 museums. Sounds like a great weekend day trip.


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