CSA Day: What To Make With Your Produce


Welcome customers of Shortt’s Farm CSA! Scroll down for fabulous recipes to use today’s produce.

One of the wonderful things about belonging to a CSA is that I try new things all the time … and I am constantly looking for new methods of making things. It’s awesome.

_MG_4593But, of course, when you are always experimenting and trying new recipes, there is margin of error. In other words, some recipes just have to be duds. Call it the law of odds or whatever, but it happens. And tonight? It was one of those nights.

I was planning to share a recipe for Braised Napa Cabbage that I found on Boston.com today with this post. However, the recipe just wasn’t a winner for us. The sauce just was too mild to tame the flavor of the cabbage. C’est la vie.

So, no recipe today. But here are the recipes that I plan to serve this week.



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