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Dear Readers, Check in Monday for a fabulous new cupcake recipe (you won’t believe what’s in it!) Frugal Fridays will return next Friday. Look for it! -S

Yesterday morning, I arrived in New York bright and early for a day of meetings and parties, some leading up to the BlogHer Conference today and others about fabulous new opportunities.

Today, I will be speaking on a panel called Family Foodies: Raising a New Generation of Gourmands, at 2:45. If you are at BlogHer, drop by! We’ll be talking about how to raise kids who eat well and love good food. Should be an awesome conversation.

Until Monday …

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  1. […] When I spoke at BlogHer last month, I made the point that approaching food and eating with positivity is so important to getting kids to eat well — and really it is. Avoid negative statements (“I don’t think you will like this but..” “You usually don’t eat this …” “It’s okay if you don’t like it …”) and kids will be more likely to try things. Will this work every time for every child? Of course not! But even if it only works sometimes, it’s better than having your child married to a diet of white foods or whatever. Just my two cents. […]

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