Frugal Fridays: Writing My Way to Better Spending

When my friend whipped out a little notebook and started making a notation after blueberry picking last month, I quizzed her on what she was doing. Turns out, she had her own spending diet going on, and was keeping track of every cent she spent in that notebook. I was intrigued. She said that the act of writing things down had gotten her to spend less just to avoid the hassle.

Intriguing, right?

Then, MutantSupermodel mentioned tracking her spending on an Excel spreadsheet in the comments of a post. That was when I decided that tracking was important.

So, I bought a small notebook and started last Sunday.

How’d it go? Well, I followed the tracking to a T until Wednesday. I have in my head what I’ve spent since then, but didn’t jot it down. That doesn’t make this a fail though. I really thought about every purchase when I had to write down when, where and how much was spent. It makes me want to spend less.

I spent more than I wanted to this week — mostly after I ceased writing it down. I think writing it down really does help though.

So, this is the latest evolution in My Spending Diet. I am going to write down every expenditure. Even if I don’t want to. Next week, I will share my numbers.

This Week’s Tips, Tricks and Deals

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