Frugal Fridays: 5 Ways to Save $1

Happy Weekend, everyone! It’s been a crazy week here, so I am going to keep this one brief.

This is a topic that I love — how to save a little money. Sure, saving a $1 is a small thing, but if you do it regularly, then you could save hundreds or thousands over a year. That’s no small thing at all, is it?

10 Ways to Save $1 or More

  1. Go bigger on soda. Skip the 16 or 20 fl oz soda and buy a 2 liter bottle. You will pay roughly the same or less for the 2 liter bottle as one 20 fl oz soda — but you will get more than three times as much soda.
  2. Pack your own water. Most people have a reusable bottle kicking around … but are you using it? If not, you should be. Bottles of water can cost anywhere from just under $1 to $2.50 or more. If you fill your reusable bottle at home, it’s virtually free.
  3. Pay attention to gas prices. This week, I saved $0.10/gallon by using my Stop and Shop Card at a Stop and Shop gas station. Because I had spent over $100 in groceries at the store in the past month, I earned 100 points, which translates to the $0.10 discount. Better yet, the gas price was already the cheapest in town. From the club card savings, I spent about $1.50 less for the tank … couple that with the savings over other stations ($0.10-$0.20), it was $3 or more in savings on that tank. Now, imagine that you did that every week — it really adds up.
  4. Take your own grocery bags. Bringing your own grocery bags to some grocery stores will score you a discount. It’s not much — maybe $0.05 per bag — but it adds up. Just think, if you bring five bags each week, that’s $0.25 discount per week and $1 over the course of a month.
  5. Use coupons. I know, it’s a hassle but it’s worth it on items you already buy. And most grocery stores automatically double coupons, so all it takes is 1 $0.50 off coupon or two $0.25 off coupons to save $1. Coupons can be found in circulars in the Sunday paper and also online at Also, keep an eye on the coupons that print out in the checkout line (known as Catalinas) … they can save you more money too.


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