The Last CSA Day of 2010: Wrap Up

| October 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

All season, I have offered suggestions for using up CSA produce. Greens, cabbages, squashes and more … This summer was filled with a fabulous array of fresh, wonderful foods. It was a wonderful several months and my CSA kept us very well-fed.

So, what’s it like belonging to a CSA? Well, it’s different. In the winter months, I plan every meal from start to finish on the weekends. So, when Monday rolls around, I know what we will be eating on any given day.  But this summer with the CSA share coming on Wednesday, I relinquished control and planned more on the fly. I had to, since the perishable vegetables had to be used. So, meals centered around the vegetables, with proteins as an afterthought.

Truthfully, at first the change drove me nuts. I craved the order of my winter planning and resented having to wait until Wednesday afternoon to decide what to cook for dinner for the rest of the week. But slowly, it grew on me and I found myself looking forward to the surprises.

Of course, the produce was always a welcome sight. The freshest corn, ripest tomatoes, sweetest peaches … Every bite was bliss. And in the coming months, when winter bears down, I will crave these things — the freshness and perfection of it all.

I am sad to see the CSA end. I will miss the variety and freshness. And I will miss the weekly jaunts to pick up our share. But for right now, I am certainly happy to take a break from peeling corn. Just a little.

So, what were my favorite things of this summer?

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  1. Here my CSA does not stop until Feb. for a short break. I really have it all year long. I love it! Christmas every Tuesday afternoon!

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