Inside Betty Crocker Kitchens: A Pictorial


The kitchens!!! This second story window wall looks down on the kitchens where recipes are tested for Betty Crocker books, magazines and more.

Wondering where I’ve been? As I’ve mentioned, I write for, a General Mills website. For the past few days, I was visiting the headquarters in Minneapolis for some extra training and more … Check out SCB on Saturday for the full run down of my awesome trip. For now, just some photos …


The view, looking down ...


The kitchens where recipes are tested are modeled after home kitchens.


We got to sit in on a recipe tasting. How awesome. The spring roll (up front) was awesome.


The photo studios, where photos are taken for all the publications.


The prop room. I loved these cake plates ... wouldn't that be fabulous on top of kitchen cabinets?


More prop room ... there are aisles and aisles of plates, organized by color. How awesome.


Could I be the next Betty Crocker?


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