7 Fabulous Thanksgiving Side Dishes

| November 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

t0902Last week, someone posed a question on Twitter about what really makes Thanksgiving for you. It came from some food related source, which escapes me, but it struck me: it’s not about the turkey or the pies or anything else. It’s really about family. Thanksgiving is all about family.

My family doesn’t have a set menu each year. I am big on changing things up, and as someone who makes a career from writing about food, we often are adding new dishes to the menu and replacing old ones. But what traditions we do have revolve around everyone being there, together, enjoying.

Nonetheless, the food is important since it’s meant to be a special meal — a step outside the ordinary. So, I wanted to offer up some suggestions for delicious side dishes for Thanksgiving to change up your menu this year.

Tomorrow: Fabulous Thanksgiving Appetizers


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