Yes, It Snowed


The snowflakes fell lightly at first on Sunday morning. Little polka dots of snow floating to the ground … it was pretty and peaceful. Knowing that more was coming, I ran to the grocery store for all the groceries we were out of (read: everything). Usually I shop on Mondays, but I figured (correctly) that Monday would be a day for digging out. As I was returning home, the snow picked up more. By nightfall, it was coming down fast and furious.

The kids played all day, while Shawn watched a movie and I read a book. It was such a nice, relaxing day.

We woke up this morning to deep white snow blanketing everything. I’ve been in big snowstorms before — including a massive blizzard in Cleveland once — but this was the worst storm I have seen in Connecticut ever.

And yet, it was beautiful.

No recipe tonight …


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    Snow…..I miss it so much! We’re in San Diego now after a year in the Midwest and 3 in Colorado. We love, love, love it here, but Christmas was a challenge in a tropical setting!

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