Christmas 2010


Christmas this year was nothing short of magical for my family. It was happy, joyous, relaxing, restful and beautiful — and many other colorful descriptive words too. It was amazing.


On Christmas Eve, the kids decorated gift bags for all the presents they were giving. And they helped to wrap the last few stragglers. When Christmas morning rolled around, Paige woke first, running into our bedroom and declaring that it was “morningtime!” and Santa had come. We sent her to wake Will. I could hear her talking to him, telling him that Santa had brought presents and that he needed to get up. Her bubbling excitement was amazing to hear and watch.

They were both thrilled to discover that Santa really had listened to their wish lists this year, even bringing the little Lego set that is ever-present at the Target checkout line for Will and a new wand, which was Paige’s sleepy wish on Christmas Eve (thank goodness Santa anticipated that one).


This is our tree. It looked so perfect when we chopped it down. It wasn’t until we were decorating it that I realized the top was a bit sparse. C’est la vie … I still love it.

Once we finished at our house, we joined more family members for more celebration.


And, of course, Santa left Will and Paige a note thanking them for the milk and cookies and commending their behavior this year. They are good kids, and it’s nice for them to hear that — including from Santa.

_MG_1065This photo is for Cate. I totally stole her kitchen-themed mini-tree in the kitchen idea. My ornament collection is just starting, but the kids and I gave it a big boost by making some fabulous homemade candy cane ornaments. Those are my favorites.

So, how was your Christmas (if you celebrate)?


  1. Deb Nevins says

    So happy for you and your family. I love hearing about your beautiful holiday. Your children will have wonderful memories. For me, I had a wonderful time watching my oldest grandson Kieran enjoy Christmas. He’s 3 and a half and only “got” the Santa story for the first time this year. Little Parker, 19 months old, delighted in the tree and pulling off the ornaments and handing them to me like discovered treasure. To our surprise, he hated opening presents. What baby doesn’t love ripping wrapping paper? All in all, the babies just added to our Christmas joy.

  2. Kimberly says

    Your babygirl and I have the same pj’s. I have a great love of all things “owls”. P.S… I just started reading your blog today. Loving it, and will continue. Many blessings to you for a happy and healthy 2011.

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