Eat. Live. Be. – February Update and Must-Reads

Eat. Live. Be.’s topic this week is required reading. As in the reading material that most speaks to each of us in our ELB journey. I have a few magazines and books that I just adore, so I can’t wait to share them. But first, the monthly update. Deep breath.

This is hard. And it’s hard because I know I could have done better in February if I simply put my best effort forth. But I didn’t … because I didn’t work out much in February. And by that I mean, I barely worked out at all. I can’t give you any specific reason why. I just didn’t. And the few times that I did, it wasn’t at the intensity of January.

That said, I did watch what I ate in February. Every morsel was a conscious decision, one that I calculated and thought about. So, that’s good at least. I could have certainly eaten more fruits and veggies, but overall I did pretty well with my portions and eating choices.

Here’s the starting photo versus today comparison shot:


And in the end, I did lose, and it’s noticeable. Yesterday, I wore jeans that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant with Paige. Last week, I wore a button-up nightshirt that I bought years ago … for the first time. And I tried on a bunch of clothes yesterday that I either haven’t worn in awhile or have never worn. And guess what? Everything fit.

In the photo, I see a streamlined torso. But my legs aren’t as toned as they were last month. Had I exercised, that would be surely different.

So, here’s the official month-end run down (see January here):

February 2011 weight loss – 2.6 lbs

Total 2011 ELB weight loss – 6 lbs

This month? More exercise. Thankfully, the weather is warming and the snow is melting, so I have a lot of yard work to keep me busy moving. And I want to get back to using our basement gym regularly — a couple times a week, at least. As for eating, I will keep working on making smart choices and eating more fruits and veggies.

Required Reading:

Here are a few of my favorite reads.

What’s on your required reading list for healthy living?

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P.S. If you haven’t already, please take my Family Meals Survey 2011.  I am nearly to my goal of 100 responses. Please help me get there!

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    You look great! Such a good idea to do the starting photo and to take another to get a visual of your progress. Keep at it, slow and steady will get you there and it will be easier to maintain.

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    I think legs are harder because as women we have so much more down there than upper body. It’s biology’s fault, not yours. Keep up the great work.

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