Eat. Live. Be. – How to Keep the Motivation Going

Last week, I admitted something … I haven’t been working out much. Cate immediately brought it up with me, pointing out how important it is that I do. And I know that.

This week’s topic hits close to home — How to Keep the Motivation Going.

We’ve talked about motivation before since the Eat. Live. Be. challenge began in January. But it’s one of those things that you have to constantly keep in the back of your head, since it’s so easy to fall into old habits. So, we’re talking about it again.

Hearing that I haven’t been working out much is probably a red flag that my motivation is lagging. But I haven’t given up, and not working out as much doesn’t mean that I am not working on losing. I’m just trying to figure out what works best for me … and that might not be regular, organized workouts. In fact, it’s likely to be more like working subtle exercise into my daily life. And if that’s what works and gets me to my goals? Then that’s okay.

So, I started thinking about ways to keep that motivation up and came up with 11 easy, simple ways.

11 Ways to Keep the Motivation Going

  1. Look in the mirror. See those positive changes? You can have more, if you keep it up!
  2. Browse your favorite store. See an outfit you’d love to own? Make it a prize for reaching a goal.
  3. Tired? Exercise makes you more energetic (sounds backwards, but it’s true!).
  4. Summer’s coming. Remember that.
  5. Enlist a friend to push you. Cate does that for me — prodding when I wish she wouldn’t (though I am glad she does).
  6. Think about what you are eating. Is that second brownie really worth the extra time on the treadmill?
  7. Consider your health. Look, being fit gives you a better chance of being healthy. How can you say no to that?
  8. Look at your kids. Being fit and healthy gives you your best shot of seeing them grow and turn into successful, happy adults.
  9. Read back. One of the great things about blogging or journaling your weight loss is that you can go back and review your progress.
  10. Switch things up. Exercise routine getting old? Find a new one. Tired of the foods you are eating? Update the menu. Changes help keep things hoppin’.
  11. Work it into your life. Look, I can’t say that exercise classes or trips to the gym will ever be part of my daily life. But exercise in some form? Definitely. It’s all in how you work it in … and for me, dancing while cleaning or cooking works great.

Now, I am off to dance for a few minutes while cleaning up the kitchen.

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    Singer always makes it easier to be active and get aside, so that’s a dual motivator. Like, come on body, its going to be easier soon.

  2. says

    I love your idea of working exercise into your life in little, subtle ways. I do squats while blow drying my hair or waiting for leftovers to microwave. No joke. I love your 11 reasons, especially those about being healthy for yourself and for your kids. I look at my dad who is morbidly obese with a lot of health problems and i just don’t want to be like that. I want to be that 80 year old who is on ZERO meds not one who has to worry about high blood pressure and high cholesterol and all that jazz. Thanks for a great post, Sarah!

  3. says

    This is such a wonderful post. There are a lot of gimmicky (for lack of better word at the moment) ideas out there right now but this Eat.Live.Be thing has really hit it home for me. I love both yours and Joanne’s blogs and find them truly inspirational and fun.
    I would really love to be a contributer to Eat.Live.Be. Im a fan on facebook but how do I find out what the topics are going to be so I can think of something to post in a timely fasion?
    Thanks again for all that you do!

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